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You say Potato, We Say, “Dam Potatoes”!  

Celebrate National Potato Month with The Dam in February

January 25, 2018 (St. Louis, MO) – February is filled with tasty ways to celebrate potatoes and all that American eats!  The Dam located at 3173 Morganford is ready to celebrate with you.  The restaurant is featuring a National Food Holiday all month in February.  Owner Michele Coen and Chef Matt Galati makes it a point to showcase this food centric date in the restaurant because, “It’s a fun way to bring a little attention to the many different food categories that garner their own special day of awareness and one of our major menu items. You’d be surprised how many days have their own national spotlight.” The potato definitely deserves it! Americans eat more than 320 million tons a year.

For The Dam, the month known as “National Potato month” highlights our traditional, Belgian Fries and over ten sauces to go along with them.  Known for our specialty burgers like The Animal and the Mean Green vegetarian option, The Dam offers our hand cut Belgian fries as sides or even a meal with some of our specialty French Fry dishes such as the “Get Baked” which is our fries topped with cheese sauce, bacon, sour cream, onions & scallions.

The Dam hand-peels and cuts over 1,200 pounds of potatoes a week. We have estimated that since our opening in August 2013, our staff (mostly Dam Mom, Sharon, our Chef’s mom), have literally hand-peeled and cut over 60,000 pounds of potatoes a year!! That’s a lot of Belgian Fries!

During National Potato month, we are doing a contest to guess how many potatoes Sharon alone has handled herself. The Winner to guess the closest without going over wins a $25 gift card to The Dam. Also, all month is “Fry Day Happy Hour”. Every Friday in February, you receive $1.00 off any French Fry order from 3 – 6 pm.

To schedule an interview with Michele Coen and Matt Galati and The Dam staff, please contact Michele Coen at 314.443.6956 or


The Dam Mission Statement (

“Slow food, fast”.  At The Dam, we take the philosophy of creating high quality food that is locally sourced and organic and apply it to the tradition of burgers and sandwiches.  Our menu is made from hand-packed, sustainable, antibiotic and hormone free meat.  It’s “slow food” because the ingredients are quality and chosen with care. It’s “fast” because we won’t keep you waiting long for any of our delicious menu items.  Slow food, fast.  That’s The Dam.